Does it always work or is it affected by weather?

Yes, it does always work and is not affected by weather. The frequency in the silicate is always there. However, weather does affect the combustion process a bit, so the results might vary slightly due to the weather, but not because the AFC technology does not perform.
(cold weather – more oxygen – better burning process, high altitude – thin air – different combustion, etc)

Does the AFC unit expire/ does it stop working after some time?

No, it does not stop working in a lifetime. The only reason which can affect the AFC unit is x-ray or high voltage, which might destroy the silicate.

What is the „Try first before buy it“?

This is our unique approach to build trust with our customers. We do not want to sell if the customer is not convinced about our technology.
Yes, we do love customers who are sceptical, critical. Awesome. Therefore we offer to them to conduct a pilot installation for free. Once they see results, they can decide whether they want to purchase or not. If not, we simply take it back.

Why do you measure the emissions before installing the AFC technology and after some evaluation period?

Emissions are a clear indicator how the combustion process works. If the emissions are reduced, the combustion process is more effective, better. CO2 going down indicates directly that fuel consumption is down

Why do you insist on independent emissions measurement in a officially certified garage or by an officially certified provider? Why don’t you do it by yourself while doing a pilot installation?

We want to clearly separate ourselves from unprofessional companies. Yes, we do have TESTO equipment which we use as well to measure emissions. We always conduct parallel measurements.
But we always insist on independent measurements so we do not create a conflict of interest. All officially published test results are from independent third parties.

Is it easy to install it?

Yes, in average it takes between 30 minutes to approximately one hour.

Is my fuel changed after the installation of the AFC unit and will damage the engine?

No, the fuel is not changed to endanger the engine. We conducted independent fuel testing with the international leading company SGS (www.sgs.com). The fuel stays with the official parameters. Therefore, relax, no danger for the engine.

And if there is a damage and it is related to the installation of AFC technology? Are you insured?

Yes, of course. We have a global insurance policy by renowned ALLIANZ covering eventual damages including eco damages.

Do you have scientific backup or conducted independent evaluations?

We are fully transparent about all our results and the technology. We conducted university tests with renowned universities in Europe such as the Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, worked with German TUV and DEKRA, with SGS, conducted long-term trials to evaluate the technology with German cities such as Wiesbaden or Delitzsch.
All our results are published. If you want more details, feel free to contact us under help (at) afceurope.eu and we will answer.

It sounds like snake oil and a lot of other shady solutions, how are you different?

We do not publish “test results” or share “euphoric statements” from clients by simply photographing emissions measurement displays from equipment providers such as TESTO.
We do not state unbiased claims. Everything is backed up by independent third parties.
We do not use results from countries which might raise a question mark about their independent testing.
We offer a “try it first before buy it” for B2B clients (which is the current focus in 2018) so there is no financial risk at all.
If the customer does not want to purchase the AFC technology after a pilot installation we simply take it back. No hard feelings, no money wasted.

How do you measure results and how I can see it?

We do require some effort of the potential client. Telematic equipment provides consistent data which makes objective evaluation much easier.
The more linear you compare measurements, the easier the client will see results in fuel savings.
Example: If you want to compare the data from a truck, you need to look at truck load, different drivers, different weather conditions etc. The more you can narrow down these error margin, the easier you can see a result.
Fuelmeter to monitor physical fuel consumption is another tool

Is it true, that a reduction in CO2 is scientifically recognised as a fuel saving?

Yes, please feel free to ask any scientist. If the CO2 goes down significantly, the fuel consumption is less. Certainly there are some points such as outside temperature which influence a bit the result, but not a lot.

Did you always use independent third parties even during R & D, research and development?

No, partially during this period we did only use our professional equipment. But contrary to some other companies we do not publish these measurements as independent, official results.
We are extremely careful when it comes to statements and as mentioned above, we only publish measurements from independent third parties.

Does it lose its functionality when I want to take it out from my vehicle and install it in a new one?

No, it does not. You can take it out as often as you want. It will always work (except as mentioned above if you expose it to radiation or high voltage).
You have to inform your local contact person from AFC though who sold you the unit to keep the warranty. The warranty is tied to an installation and one car.  It can be transferred together with the unit to any other vehicle of course.

Do I modify my engine and lose the warranty for my vehicle?

No, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority confirmed that the installation of an AFC unit does not constitute a modification of the engine. There according to UN/ ECE regulations you do not need any additional certification in any other member country (all EU plus a few others). The installation does not modify the engine.

If it is such a great product, why is it not yet known everywhere? Where is the catch?

We are a start-up and are very careful in bringing the product to market. It took us almost 6 years to develop the product to market maturity. Now we are slowly starting with the roll-out, backing it up constantly with new researches, university tests, real-life pilot installations from renowned companies etc.

Trust us, you will soon hear more from us!